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Chapter 6.5:

Terras Theorem

             On one particularly demoralized day working on this impossible math problem, in frustration I threw aside my own papers and journals off the table and decided to look up: Okay, what do we know about Collatz Space? I decided to go all the way back to where I had started (covered in Chapter 1.4) and take a look at all the known results ever proven in Collatz Space. I watched lectures, pulled dusty tomes off library shelves... and then one day my jaw absolutely hit the floor when I reencountered this theorem (I had read it once years before):

Theorem (Terras):

             Let M be a positive integer. 
             Let D(M) be the fraction of numbers < M that do not have finite stopping time. 
             Then the limit of D(M) for M is equal to 0.


             Found on this website:

Do you see the connection?...

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