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Chapter 1.4:

Links for More Info

             This is the last stop before we dive into the research I've been doing. It goes very far down the rabbit hole, so buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride! Before we depart, I'm going to offer links to a few interesting and relevant off-site resources in case you would like to learn more. 

             For a nice general introduction to all things Collatz Conjecture, you might want to check out the math problem's wikipedia page:

You'll learn many things I have not yet mentioned. 

             When laypeople ask what I'm working on, I always direct them over to a wonderful video on the Collatz Conjecture on YouTube by Numberphile.

It's fun and gives a very friendly introduction to the problem. 

             For a rigorous mathematical discussion of almost all that is currently known about Collatz Space, I cannot recommend enough the book The Ultimate Challenge: The 3x+1 Problem by Jeffrey Lagarias. It's a fascinating and thorough book and covers many of the known theorems on this material.


             Professor Marc Chamberland, of Grinnell College, gave a fascinating talk covering much of the body of Collatz knowledge. You can find it here on YouTube:

             And finally for those of a more artistic bent of mind, I offer the following stunning Collatz visualization. If you ever want to have a sense of the grandeur and beauty of Collatz space, there is little I could say that will express it as well as this: (video by Johnny Backflip). 

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