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Intro to Chapter 6

             Not to belittle myself, but on some level everything I've shown you so far is still kind of "kid stuff". Despite all the cool findings presented on the rest of this website, not one bit of it is yet helpful towards actually proving the Collatz Conjecture. ...  But you're not on the rest of this website anymore.


             Welcome my friends to Chapter 6. Herein we will cover the one key finding of all my Collatz Research which actually is desperately relevant towards actually constructing a proof! I will say in advance: I never originally set out to try and for-real prove the conjecture. It's a famously impossible math problem. I am no fool. Yet even fools can get lucky sometimes... Amid all of my wanderings out in the Collatz Wilderness, I found something. Something that no one else has ever seen. Something that you really should take a look at. 

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