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Hi there! Welcome to!

         My name is Orion Haunstrup, and I run this site. I absolutely adore the Collatz Conjecture! What a fascinating math problem. It is filled with no end of mysteries and surprises. I'm an undergrad at college right now, a math major at the University of Rochester. Most of the time I'm busy in classes studying, but in what bits of spare time I've got I live almost a whole second life  – as an explorer and treasure hunter out in the wilderness of Collatz Space. A good portion of my life is devoted to find a rigorous proof of this wild conjecture.

           I've programmed a whole series of Python "machines" which are designed to go out into Collatz Space and bring back various kinds of data. Some of them are really useful, and I wanted to share them with the world. For example, many mathematicians talk about non-traditional Collatz landscapes like x5+1 or x3+5, but there exist very very few pictures of these worlds online. No longer... that ends today!

          Feel free to use my exploration tools in any way you like. I offer them to the public. Go out, wander, explore, and enjoy!

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