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How to Download Python

 For Mac Users:


       Ok. The first thing you're going to want to do is to download the latest version of Python 3 from off of this website. 

         You have just downloaded a folder called something like Python 3.8 (the version number may have changed a little since I wrote this). Find this folder and take a look inside of it. You'll find a program called "". This is the main way I'll be having you interact with Python. 

         Next you'll be downloading a program called PIP. This stands for Pip Installs Packages. This lets you add on additional modules onto vanilla out-of-the-box Python. I've used some of these in my research. To download PIP, the first step will be to go to the pip.pypa website:

Once on their website, you're looking to click this button:

         This will download a clever little Python file called "" which will actually download the PIP program from inside of Python. To run it, you want to take that file and drag it into IDLE (which we downloaded a moment ago). 

         Once you're inside the file look to the top of the screen. One of the menubar options is "Run". Go to that and select "Run Module". (Note: this is how you "press go" on a Python program you want to run.) When you do this, it will start installing the PIP program onto your computer. This will take a little while.

         Once PIP has finished installing go to your computer's search function and search for a program called Terminal. The Terminal is a command line system that lets you control your Operating System and make changes. Open the terminal program. 

                           To double-check we've downloaded Python, type in "python3 --version". 

                                    It should respond with something like Python 3.8.1

                           To double-check we've downloaded PIP, type in "pip --version". 

                                    It should respond with something like pip 20.0.2

         Ok! Nice... Now that we have PIP up and running on your computer, type the following two commands into the terminal:

                                                      pip install matplotlib

                                                      pip install mpmath

         Nice! When this is done, you're now 100% ready to download and run my python programs. 

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